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Search for Handmade Electric,Acoustic,and One-Of-A-Kind Guitars

Search for Handmade Electric,Acoustic,and One-Of-A-Kind Guitars

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Handmade Electric Guitars Direct From A Guitar Manufacturer

We sell handmade guitars. All guitars are handmade. We sell them direct from this website. No guitar dealers and distributors to pay therefore no price hike for you. Get lowest prices for best handmade electric guitars, handmade acoustic guitars or one-of-a-kind guitars at Electric Guitar King.

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Designing handmade guitars is our passion at Electric Guitar King. From handmade electric guitars to handmade acoustic guitars and one-of-a-kind guitars we have it all at guaranteed lowest prices. Electric Guitar King welcomes you to our world of nothing but high-quality handmade guitars, priced to sell! When it comes to handmade guitars, you've discovered the professional guitar player's source at Electric Guitar King and play your finest guitar like a king.

What Our Valuable Guitarists Say About Our Handmade Guitars!

If you have visited other guitar websites, you probably know that high-quality handmade acoustic guitars can cost thousands of dollars. But here at Electric Guitar King, we are the manufacturer of these handmade guitars and we don't sell through channels or resellers, so there is no chance for any price mark-up. You are guaranteed the lowest price. As a guitar manufacturer, we know you only have to pay 1/3 of the price you normally pay for a handmade guitar. So why buy from us? Because you will save BIG.

You are buying a guitar that is handmade from start to finish - all custom work done in one shop. Each guitar is created individually with great attention to detail. As we build the guitar, we shape it and feel the guitar through it's many stages to get the best action and tone. Everything is taken into consideration in building the guitars including the finest woods and finishes. If you want an unique and playable piece of art, this is it. Years of playing and research on what makes a handmade guitar great. They speak for themselves in tone, sustain and just full richness that you can't find in factory built instruments. We take pride in building the best sounding and best looking guitars you can buy.

We have more than a dozen pictures for each type of guitar. By contacting us, you will receive high resolution pictures of the guitars you like. We are confident of our high-quality handmade guitars so feel free to Contact Us to request for more pictures of these guitars. (See reasons why you should contact us!)

Handmade Acoustic Guitars - Lueez Guitar
Handmade One-Of-A-Kind Guitars - Lueez Guitar

See the Artists who use our guitars?

Electric Guitar King is an online store dedicated to the interests and needs of the acoustic guitar players and enthusiasts. Here at Electric Guitar King we are committed to bringing you what you need to sound and play your very best. All acoustic guitars come with a deluxe case that will fit and protect your guitar properly.

At Electric Guitar King, we are committed to bringing you all the very best the industry has to offer by consistently working with and looking for better suppliers and listening to the suggestions and needs of our customers. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to Contact Us. Let us help you find what you're looking for and and we will try to provide for you the best customer service and technical support we can. Thanks for shopping with us at Electric Guitar King and don't forget to put us in your favorites so you can find us easily next time to see what we've added to our list of great guitars.

Why Handmade Guitars?

Imagine yourself playing a best high-quality handmade guitar, quality hand crafted to give it the most perfect sound you could ever imagine. As you play, it magnifies your talent and hard work, producing a sound that your audience will love. At Electric Guitar King we are very pleased to be able to offer you beautifully hand crafted, one of a kind, acoustic, steel string guitars manufactured from Lueez Guitar. Your high quality handmade guitar will not only be beautiful but will be crafted with a built in, patented feature that greatly enhance the guitars durability and sound. All of our handmade guitars can be purchased at very affordable prices.


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